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Are you dreaming of weekends mornings in Bed ?

October 11, 2019

You will thank me as soon as you will know what I will be talking about today …

Are you dreaming of a nice Saturday or Sunday morning in bed … instead of being woken up by your little angels?        

Thanks to some friends, I may have the solution😉

Last Thursday, I met 2 friends for lunch and we ended up being very excited to speak about children’s sleep, again 😊 (remember my previous post on coming back to the bedtime routine after holidays). But this time, we did not talk about putting the kids to bed. No! We spoke about how to avoid them to wake up at dawn especially on weekends!

So super enthusiast my friend Nadia told us all about the Sleep Trainer Clock, she acquired to teach her little 4 years old boy to stay in bed until he hears the clock’s alarm. And me to add that my friend Fabienne is also using a very nice and simple one for the same reason and for about 2 years now with her son Charlie. In the middle, Chanta was super interested and she was already checking online about the clock and yet Guess what, she ordered one!!!

So, what is this sleep Trainer Clock about?

I will talk about the original one, because the clock is very simple to use and there is a result:

It helps kids stay in bed until it is time to get up. If the sleeping animal is lit kids know to stay in bed, when the awake animal is illuminated, Hooray, it is ok to get out of the bed and start the day. As simple as this! There is also an alarm if you would like to.

If you really want to know all about it, it has been invented in 2000 by a father of 6 kids for his younger one, clever Dad!

claessenskids - kid'sleep, you can find it easily on Amazon.

Testimonial from Chanta "I am forever grateful to my two good friends, Alexandra and Nadia, who recommended that I try a sleep training clock with my almost 4 year old who has been waking up much too early in the morning and disrupting not only his good night sleep but the family's as well. After doing some research I decided to go with the same brand but different clock that Alexandra had recommended based on her good friend's success. I ordered the Claessens’ Kids Kid’Sleep Moon Sleeptrainer Nightlight. For the clock to meet my needs (and my son’s) it had to be easy to use (straight forward method of setting the clock, alarms and other features), I wanted a countdown function that would show my son that he was "close" to wake up time signally that he had to stay in bed just a little bit longer, and I did not want a clock that was too bright as my children are accustomed to sleeping in a dark room. This clock checked all the boxes. The first morning I heard both my son and daughter up before the "alarm" as they eagerly awaited the sleeping bunny to wake up, but after the novelty wore off it took 2 more tries and now my son is sleeping until the alarm. I have not yet tried a weekend setting and have thus far only stretched wake-up time to 6:20 am but I have very high hopes for this coming weekend! I will be ordering the travel version of this clock so that we always have it with us! "

 So ready to give it a try, I think it is worse to try it now especially if you consider that a British study shows that parents are suffering from a lack of sleep until the sixth birthday of their child … but that is beside the point 😉

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