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Discover the founder of Colettine, our lovely Christmas' Garments Brand.

November 05, 2019


Winter is not here yet but as time flies, we would be delighted to give you the opportunity to take a break, to suspend time and to day dream for a moment…

We cannot wait to introduce our Christmas Collection 2019 from Colettine!

Bright colours, pretty fabrics, cosy textures, everything is combined to create a living painting in which your little ones would be the main characters.

This Christmassy inspiration will « melt your eyes »! Timeless and elegance are the master words of it.

 My curiosity, added to the fact that, with Eat Play Love, we like talking about small independent designer and about the clothes we are proud of…, led me to know more about the founder of this clothing’s brand and to find out more about her creativity… Let’s discover Colettine through her mummy Sandrine Rodrigues…

 Once upon a time… there was a French lady who was busy working in finance. Every day, for 10 years, she went at work in a corporate world.  One day, she became the mum of 2 children and it changes her life for ever… (Not really surprising, isn’t it?) New stages in woman life, new choices, new priorities… A turnaround happened! About 2 years ago, soon, (the 17th November 2017 exactly), she decided to join the small independent business owner adventure. She founded and took the designer role of a children’s garment’s brand. Colettine was born…

 ... It could have started like this! ...

Retro-chic is the basis of her inspiration, something about a nostalgic revival of a style, as she talked about « desire to see children dressed as children as long as possible ». Childhood is just priceless according to her. She ensures a good eye for details and quality… and especially with « The collar » which is, for her, an embellishment: « I am absolutely and resolutely in love with collars… convinced that a simple collar can completely change the style of a garment ». She focuses on it and reinterprets it in all its forms.

 I made myself some researches about the collar’s history and I have found some very interesting elements.
In short, even if the collar is very classic it is a sign of simplicity.

 Portugal is the country she has chosen to make her garments. Several reasons led her to this choice. First of all, this country is the land of her ancestors. Second of all Portugal is known for the quality of its handcrafts (household linen, tableware, pottery…) and eventually it is made nearby, here, in Europe. Smart choice after all!

 To conclude, Colettine is made with love by a mum for her children & spread out to other children. In the small Atelier where the clothes are made, everything is handmade and the expertise is handed down from Mother to daughter, so it makes the collection very exclusive.

At Eat Play Love, we love finding brands that have the same DNA of our little shop i.e. Timeless Elegance and for sure Colettine is one of those😊

 It is too early to say Merry Christmas, but ladies, we are getting ready!
Days – 49!

Marie  😊

You will find the Colettine Christmas Collection 2019 by clicking on the link : Colettine Christmas Collection 2019

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