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How to get back to Bedtime routine after holidays !

August 22, 2019 2 Comments

Summer Holidays are nearly at the end and let’s say that Bedtime for our little darlings has been changed far too much. Now it is time to put back the routine and it can be difficult both for parents and children …

Trying to get them back to their bedtime routine from today to tomorrow is quite unproductive and the result could be worse.

I have read last year some great articles about this and I wanted to share with you the main idea.

So, the advice is to start now, step by step, by moving the bedtime backward 15 min each day to get back to the normal hour. Do the same for the wake up. Like this they will smoothly be prepared to the school bedtime routine. Ideally, 2 weeks before school is a good transition period to start.

In addition to this, get back to healthy and structured meal will help and keep them active with sports or other activities will help 😊

Also 2 charts that I find interesting:

  • The first one gives some indications about the bedtime vs the wake-up time per age
  • The Second gives insights on how much sleep children need depending on their age:

PS: I do not say that this is the truth, we should take them as best practices.


Good Luck and A very great school start!

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February 26, 2020



September 24, 2019

Interesting datas to have a look at to give us an idea.
I understand that it’s an average but children like adults might have different needs in term of time sleep to be in a good shape the day after.
Nevertheless, like you wrote “we should take them as best practices”, so at least as references.

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