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How to remove Sunscreen from Swimwear

August 22, 2019

I don’t know you but I am super annoying with the sunscreen that leave yellow marks on the kids or on my swimwear … the fact is the more sun protective the creams are, the more they will leave the marks ; that is the consequence of the anti UVA component contained by the product. Well until now, no big deal, except that this is quite impossible to remove those marks ☹ So imagine a white swimwear that turns yellowish … it does not sound great.

Eventually, after experiencing several ways to wash them, I can share 2 tips that work to reduce substantially the damages … quite simple and not at all expensive …

1 – Use Household Soap or Marseille soap, and rub the clothes, rinse and you will see that the majority of the marks will be gone.


2- Use Dish liquid and do the same, rub, rinse.

PS: I do that every evening when I rinse the swimwear after the sea or the pool. And After the holiday I just do the same + put them in the washing machine in the normal cycle.

Give it a try and tell me if it works for you !

Before and After on our lovely feather Pukatuka swimsuit :

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