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It is that Simple!

February 04, 2020 1 Comment


It is that SIMPLE!

All along the year bacteria and viruses just want to reproduce themselves.

This is the main goal of Nature!

Nevertheless, ‘’Mr Viruses’’ are not autonomous and they need a host to survive; our body is an ideal place for them. While ‘’Mrs bacteria’’ are more independent but they will be delighted to stay on holidays in our body for a while. However, let’s be aware and let’s keep in mind that there is some viruses and bacteria that are very beneficial for us.

You will ask me « how they find the key to come inside? » and I will answer back « they don’t need any! we are open bodies without fences for some of them ». Therefore, to avoid those impostors and those bugs to come in, take a look at the following… Obviously, our life’s hygiene: the food you eat, the activity you do, the sleep you have, the vitamins you take…, is essential! but you will find out that there is a little gesture that does not look a day older in term of efficiency


1 Avoid all contacts and stay confined?

 Avoiding all contacts! Are you serious? Well, if you stay home all day long like a bear that is hibernating or if you are living deep in the countryside or in a forest, it might be possible; but in a city, you can’t even think about it! Don’t go outside, don’t say hello, don’t shake hands, don’t speak to anybody, don’t bring kids to school, don’t pay your food, don’t open a door… Just forget it!


2 Wear masks like Japanese people?

 Japanese people wear masks when they are sick as a sign of respect for others, they don’t want to contaminate them. Plus, in their habits they don’t have lots of physical contacts, they incline body or head, press hands on the chest to say hello… These behaviours are efficient and reduce 80% the risk of contamination. The thing is that it is not so much in our culture and if you wear a mask in Europe you will scare people around straight away!


3 Think about not touching our face?

 Of course, we could avoid touching our face, I mean our eyes, our nostrils, our lips, our ears but honestly, is that so obvious?

Studies published in the field of cosmetics reveal that we put our hands to our face on average 250 times a day!! What?! So, it is completely unrealistic!


4 Use hydroalcoholic gel?

 With this product between our hands, we can go out, spread it whenever we want to get reassured… It seems convenient! However, what is the reality?

A recent study has been led by Japanese people (still them!) about this topic. They have tried to compare the efficiency of these kind of gels versus simple soap or even water itself… They asked guinea pig to wash their hands after they had put germs on them… The results are here!

To get rid of the entire bacteria, it took:

  • 4 minutes with a gel
  • 30 seconds only with salted water.

The conclusions are pretty clear!

The efficiency of water + soap is about 99% and with water only is 90%.

Eventually, the gel is not so efficient and it damages the skin at some point.


5 Wash our hands!

 It was not until the 19th century that compulsory hand washing appeared in the medical field. Thank you to this Hungarian obstetrician gynaecologist!

His name? Ignace Philippe Semmelweis…

Most of us ignore him completely, however, he has made an essential discovery for our hygiene today… Read this!


He worked as a master of surgery in 1846, assistant professor and head of service in one of the two maternity’s wards of the General Hospital of Vienna. I will not go into details (which I must say are deeply interesting) but to summarize… Following the observation of a high mortality in the birth service, in 1847, he obliged all his staff and medical students to wash systematically their hands between the dissection of a corpse and a childbirth, suspecting that they, doctors, involuntarily passed diseases themselves. This change led to a significant drop in the death rate…

At that time, it was like « a huge Revolution »! Some others professors were very virulent « Mister Semmelweis pretends that we carry on our hands little things which would be the cause of diseases. What are those little things we can’t even see? It’s ridiculous! It only exists in his imagination! »  In fact, Dr Semmelweis disturbed the medical world… Doctors were jealous, then he was discharged from the Maternity Hospital of Vienna and had to go abroad. Passionate, persecuted, he defended his theory against all odds till the end ...

 We can say a huge thank you to this honourable man!

Today, the remedy remains the same! Just go for a simple hand washing for you during the day and your children after school. You might notice a difference… IT IS THAT SIMPLE! ;)

Written by Marie.

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