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Just Sing !

December 10, 2019 1 Comment

Just « Sing » !

Christmas is coming very soon, bringing festive time, warm lights, happiness, Christmas songs, Christmas Carol Concert and more … Those are all the reasons why I wanted to write this new blog post.

You will read that ‘singing’ is in the same time a very joyful topic but also a very serious one!

Depending on the cultures, it is more or less significant, but overall, ‘Singing’ is recognized for its therapeutic effects by the Science itself! However, between you and me, you don’t have to be a well-known scientist to know, or actually to feel the positive effects of ‘Singing’ 😉

Singing Lullabies to babies, singing nursery rhymes to children, singing in the shower, singing while doing home chores, singing while walking, singing at parties or at a concert … even though you sing out of tune or you do not know perfectly the lyrics, who never sang ?

‘Singing’ gives you good vibes … read the following and you will be surprised!

Let’s start with the OM or AUM in yoga, this song is the most important Mantra that appears in the Indian Holy texts and it represents the original sound. There are effects on the mental side like relaxation, vitality, joy, and concentration, as I observed it myself in yoga classes few years ago. We were all connected together, we relaxed all our muscles tensions, we felt this deep wellbeing and even reached a kind of Harmony. After the yoga lessons we always felt calm. But the effects are not only on the mental side, there are some on the physical part too! truly true 😊 The OM brings vibrations to your skeleton from the chest to the lungs and the brain and its nerves. It gives a self-massage to your organs and guts. The endocrine glands are stimulated and the vibrations reach the deep tissues and nerve cells. Who would have thought?!

It goes even further! Look at the example!

In a medical centre in Aix En Provence (South of France), specialized in cancer, there is a Singing Teacher. The patients who become students really enjoy Singing. While Singing, the patient focusses first on the breath, then it decreases the heartbeat and consequently he becomes more relax. Singing improve the self esteem too.

Balance between the body and the way we act are truly link. Peace inside gives you peace outside.

 When we are singing, we forget the mental, we enjoy, we free the emotions …

It is the same when we listen to a singer or music. Musical waves are contagious, they come inside you. Did you ever get shivers, goose bumps or even burst into tears while listening to a tune, listening a choir in a church or a gospel? Did you ever feel calm thanks to music? or just did you ever feel energizing?

Like in all types of art, the boundaries break, we dare to try, we express ourselves, music is an outlet.  With the music we reveal our fears, weaknesses, regrets … especially with singing, the voice would give a direct access to pure emotion.

 Lots of researches from Sweden, Germany or USA confirmed that ‘Singing’ brings positive physiological effects. Even some doctors in gynaecology would recommend to give birth while singing …

 Now I would like to share my personal experience … Nine years ago when I was pregnant of my daughter Elsa, I was obliged to stop working and also stop all physical activities. Instead of feeling depressed enclosed in my apartment, I decided to just enjoy every single instant. I slowed down, took care of myself, rested, I read, I wrote, I drew and of course, I listened to music … I especially listened to 2 CD all day long. One was called ‘recharge with nature’, it was a scientific musical program to relax and the second one was ‘Hombre et Lumieres’ from Claude Nougaro, a famous jazz man from France that energized me. I was not singing but I was listening to music and speaking a lot to my baby.

After Elsa’s birth, I sang a lot! When she was in my arms, for bedtime, during the day to calm her, I sang her 2 songs that become her preferred ones: « Rimes » from Claude Nougaro and « Une chanson douce » from Henri Salvador.

Later, during the day, our house was always full of nursery rhymes.

Now, every morning to wake Elsa up, I sing while opening the curtains….

« Y’a d’ la joie ! Bonjour bonjour les hirondelles ; y’a d’ la joie ! De la joie par dessus les toits ;  Y’a d’ la joie et des sourires dans les ruelles ; Y’a d’ la joie, partout, y’a d’ la joie !» (clic to hear the song)

This song reminds me my Grandpa, Jean Seraphin. Those lyrics were on the last birthday card I sent to him … This song was written by Charles Trenet in 1936. He once said that he wrote it to give him courage when he was sweeping the course of the barracks when he was 18 and was enrolled in the army for a year. I love this song because it is full of joy and energy.

Back to Elsa and the morning, I then come close to her and mutter a song that I used to sing to her when she was a baby. Let’s say that sometimes it does not work and she wakes up grumpy😊

 Now the very last example, I promise!

 Last year, in the same period, it was the Christmas Carol Concert of Elsa’s school, the songs and especially the melody of ‘Carol of the Bells’ gave me goose bumps, butterflies in the belly and some joyful tears 😊

What a great memories and emotions!

 Singing or listening to music can remind you of a good moment, nice people … so let’s sing! Very soon ‘Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells …’ 

It’s festive ...It makes you feel good and happy ... So, let’s sing again and again!


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