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The Joy of Breastfeeding

September 27, 2019

Let’s talk about…


The Joy of Breastfeeding 

 Here we are, fall is here again! with its share of novelties and newborns!

You are a sweet mum or a mum to be for the first time…

You have already breastfed or not and you are seriously thinking about the question…

From desire to action, there is one step. But do you still have some doubts? Do you need to be convinced?

This article is « tailor-made » for you!

 I am Marie, mum of a little Elsa and friend of Alexandra. When my daughter was born,I was convinced and motivated to breastfeed. However, the beginning was laborious with difficulties. Nevertheless, once the first stage was over, « our breastfeeding » went well and was pure moment of complicity and shared pleasure.

 I - Keeping the link between the mum and the baby … Breastfeeding is a soft transition

This unique sensation of having the Life inside is only for us, Ladies!

Did you know that Breastfeeding with a big « B » is the natural extension of this carnal link that your body built up? From Inside to outside, from cocoon to chrysalis, all is about transition, all is unconsciously well done to gently keep the connection.

 First, the link is made by the umbilical cord « mum/child », then the breastfeeding maintains this link « Mum’s teat/child’s mouth » (or arms/body for the ones who do not breastfeed). After, time will come to give your hand «walking hand in hand ». Eventually, later, this little hand will slide from yours when your child will be confident enough. Here is what breastfeeding brings you, a gentle transition without bumps nor fear, from fusion to autonomy.


II - A pure Elixir of wellbeing, « ready to drink »

 If we think further than the sweetness, and talk about the content, note that « your milk » is the best option that you should choose for your child, by far. No brand to choose, no purchase to do, any preparation « it is ready! ». And it is so well conceived that your body adjusts the quantity and the quality of the milk according to the age of the child, depending on the moment of the day and during the suckling (more or less nutritious and more or less watery) Miraculous, is not it?

During the first days, the golden liquid is highly concentrated in antibodies (the proteins that constitute our immune system). Then in the next weeks, the milk will be lighter but richer in sugar and fats. This elixir will spread out like a protective layer along the esophageal, stomach and intestinal wall, preventing your child from virus, germs and bacteria. For example, in the South of Brazil and in many African countries, the long nursing period reduces child mortality like respiratory diseases and diarrhea. Above the decreased risk of child diseases, serious scientific studies conclude that Breastfed children have a better view, fewer cavities, a lower risk of cancer and even higher IQ scores.

To summarize, we can only speak of valuable benefits, not to mention those for your own body.


III - When do I stop?

 The World Health Organization (WHO), the High Authority for Health (HAS) and UNICEF recommend exclusive breastfeeding for up to 6 months old (to eliminate the risk of food allergies) and to continue until the age of 2 combined with solid food.

Anthropological researches have shown that natural weaning occurs between 2,5 years and 6 years old.

There is no right or wrong with that, it depends on you, your constraints, your life and mainly your desire.When there is still desire and shared pleasure between the mum and the child then « we keep on going ». Personally, despite 6 months not easy, but motivated like never, I have breastfed my daughter until the age of 5, even though, at the end, it was rather a reassuring cuddle than a nutritional intake.


IV - Help! Where are my mum and my grandma?

 This time is long past when daughter, mum and grandma lived under the same roof, in the same village, in the same street and when we breastfed from mother to daughter. The fact that families used to live close from each other allowed to be surrounded, supported, helped… And the experience was passed on. Nowadays, mobility, distance… make sometimes new mums feel lonely.

So do not hesitate to ask for help and accept help if you struggle!

You know, you prepare yourself for the birth, you can also prepare yourself to breastfeed. Now there are lots of professional’s supports for this (lactation consultant, midwives) that you can attend before the birth and also after when baby is here and that you are facing a difficult period, especially at the beginning without knowing what to do with engorgement, pain, wondering if baby is taking enough…?

Also, ask your friends around, we all experienced the same and it is just comforting to know that it happened to all mums 😊

But do not give up! It would be a pity to ruin this desire to breastfeed and to give Love and Health to your baby. It is a magical experience!

In short, Breastfeeding is simple, it’s natural and it’s healthy. So, your choice!

Do not hesitate to let us your comments about this article, we will be happy to reply to them! This blog is also your blog!

 We wish the mums to be and the new mums lots of happiness, joy and laughter. Enjoy every moment, time flies 😉


Some references:

> Follow @mother-of-daughters on Instagram, she is a midwife in the UK, with 4 little girls, she is really nice and expert of course.

> You can also contact the Leche League International  http://www.lalecheleaLeche League Netherlands

 > For the French mummies, a really helpful book that helps me when I had questions « L’allaitement de la naissance au sevrage » - Dr Marie Thirion




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