The Story of Eat Play Love ...

The Story of Eat Play Love ...

As far as I can remember, my passion for clothes comes from my parents who, by how they dressed me, transmitted me the taste of Timeless Classic and Elegant clothes… I take this like a heritage and when Toscane, my first baby girl arrived, I simply dressed her using the same smocks dresses, liberty, corduroy fabrics, collars, bows or patent ballerina I used to wear as a child.
When I look back, I spent so much time in little shops, across all the cities I have been to, to find the dress, the shoes, the bag, or all together … that will suit me, will represent me and will still be fashionable in 20 years!
I just passed on my tartan shirt that I bought when I was 16yo to my eldest daughter Toscane; it is so emotional, and I love thinking that, one day, she will also give it to her daughter.

It is all about Timeless and Classic Elegance…

I’ve studied Business and Management in a Business School and have started my career in a big Corporation. I’ve worked there for more than 15 years until I decided to make a step change by quitting this corporate world to focus on the most important thing for me: my Family.  
It was 5 years ago and I was at this time the mum of 2 girls, Toscane and Luisa. This was a decision I will never regret. From this decision came another little girl, Annalisa in 2015.


As a family, we also moved quite a lot, 3 times in 7 years, in different countries.I love this life because it opens a world of opportunities through new relationships, new cultures, new habits, and new fashion styles!
When we arrived in Holland, it was not easy to find those Timeless and Classic Elegant clothes that I love for my girls. Discussing with my new friends at school or in our neighborhood, I was not the only one in this case.
From this, came a new project… build the next step in my life by merging 2 of my passions … the Children and the Clothes.
I decided to put all my energy on Eat Play Love, a Family web-shop created by and for people Passionate about Timeless Classic & Elegant Clothes  for Children.


'Southern Europe Style ... more than a Tradition ... A real way of living '

Eat Play Love purpose is to offer those Timeless Classic & Elegant Clothes for Babies and Children from 0-8 years old.
Eat Play Love offers high quality and beautiful handmade products. They are handpicked from Southern European small family businesses, where Clothes for children, their style and design, are more than a Tradition but a real way of living.
 To make your shopping enjoyable and pleasant, Eat Play Love also offers specific Services like private appointment or Home Selling Party (learn more) to discover our collection.




Name enterprise: Eat Play Love 
Telephone number: 0031-611297339
Reachable: Monday through Friday 09h00 to 17h00
CoC-number: 74665316
VAT-number: NL500530828B01