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Wedoble debuts in 2003 after many years of experience in working knits of the highest quality. The brand is today a reference in comfort and well-being, known for its classic, sophisticated and modern design, creating unique designs that adapt perfectly to babies aged 0 to 24 months.

Wedoble presents its collections assuming a compromise between comfort and elegance. The classic style and timeless design are key factors in every collection we conceive, valuing the high quality and refinement of each and every material used, with focus on the detailing and finishing of each piece.

The brand is exclusively produced in Portugal and every aspect of the brand is taken care by our in-house team based at our state of the art manufacturing unit. 

Our Philosophy

The brand was created with a strong motivation towards providing the utmost comfort to babies in their first months of life. It´s most important characteristic resides in a constant concern with the well-being of the baby and the quality of every garment.

We balance the traditional and contemporary elements that make Wedoble the modern brand it is today, bridging unique design with functionality, heritage and fashion elements, and the understanding that we produce pieces that are always suitable and comfortable to wear.

Wedoble…We care!




The "bohemian chic" spirit is revived to give place to the exclusive Bonnet à Pompon style. Elegance with French inspiration and a clear authenticity that connects with children and whose essence is excellence in quality and attention to detail. A sweet, relaxed and attractive style that flatters children thanks to its exquisite design and exclusive colours.

Garments that reveal dedication, love and perseverance from the first sketches to the packaging, taking care of every detail for an impeccable result. The garments are the beginning and the main axis of all collections. Our elegant designs guarantee pure comfort with 100% natural materials such as cashmere, linen and cotton.

All collections are designed in Spain. The monitoring carried out throughout the manufacturing of each garment guarantees absolute quality control. Bonnet à Pompon works with original fabrics as well as unique prints from Italy, France and other European countries.

At Bonnet à Pompon we pay tribute to children and their style, their expressiveness and their innate authenticity.

At Bonnet à Pompon we create charming clothes for children with charm.


We create products that are the opposite of boring. Fun, heart skippingly gorgeous, awesome products to delight our young customers. At the same time, we don’t compromise on quality, and each and every clip, bracelet or bag has to meet our exacting standards!

Rockahula Kids accessories are stocked in top independent children's boutiques and department stores across the UK, and in twenty three countries worldwide. We have been featured in many publications and websites, and in 2015, 2016 and 2017 won a Junior Design Award for our accessories.

We believe in helping to support children around the world, and each year donate 5% of our annual profit to children's charities. This year our chosen charities are Unicef, Maternity Worldwide (, who carry out essential work in African countries, helping women give birth safely to healthy children; and Chance for Childhood (, to help with their work supporting vulnerable street children in Sub-Saharan Africa.

This year, we have also started an initiative to cut down on the single use plastic packaging we use, aiming to be 95% plastic free.  We've made a good start, and all of our orders to our customers and our stockists are now delivered in lovely recyclable paper packaging.  We are spreading the word and hoping that other businesses will join us!

Every piece in the Rockahula Kids collection is designed with love in the UK and carefully developed to be well made and of good quality. We hope you find something to treasure amongst our hair, jewellery, knits and bag ranges, and keep an eye on the website for new products to come in the future!



Paloma de la O is a company dedicated to the manufacturing of clothes for babies and children. We are a family business, we have inherited the experience of our parents who started the activity in this sector in 1957, with the passage of time we have implemented the latest technologies in our production process, both in the knitting process, as in Lectra automatic cutting system and in the clothing section, achieving a modern and avant-garde product line, without losing the essence of traditional craftsmanship.


Their exclusive designs, their colors and selected raw materials of first quality, make their collections enjoy an elegance and originality that differentiate them in the market. Paloma de la O takes great care of all the details for the preparation of each collection, always taking care of the safety of the little ones, protagonists of our inspiration.


We are fortunate to give dedication to those who deserve it, the babies, allowing us to not lose the child we all carry inside.



five/eleven is a young brand of accessories for children and their home, hand made in NYC.

The idea behind five/eleven begun when I needed simple, functional items with delicate colors for my children that I could not find in stores. I started to design and make items myself for my children and then for my friend's children.

My name is Diane-Charlotte but everyone calls me Diane. I am French, I am the mother of two fun and energetic boys and a little baby girl.

I started sewing when I was pregnant with my second child, so it was rather late into my life. But once I had experienced the satisfaction of designing and creating with my own hands, I knew I had found something I could not let go and wanted to share. I've worked for ten years in finance, so when we moved from Paris to New York City end of 2014, it was for me the opportunity to commit to this exciting and challenging entrepreneurial project full-time. 

five/eleven means my day and month of birth. This adventure is about celebrating each birth and each child with graceful handmade creations.  

five/eleven products are for you and your child's everyday life. Simple, functional or decorative items that combine delicate and poetic colors. I strongly believe that practicality and quality should rhyme with grace and fun. The fabrics I choose capture my vision of childhood and I hope you will like them as much as I do.

All products are made with the finest fabrics and trims carefully selected from reknown houses in France, England, Japan and the US. Each accessory is proudly hand made in New York City either by me in my home-based studio in Manhattan or by a manufacturer in Brooklyn with whom I work very closely. I meticulously inspect every product before I send it to you.  



Rosajou is the first make-up collection for children from 5 - 10 years of age, created with the greatest care by French laboratories. Having fun making you look pretty with healthy and light products is the core philosophy of Rosajou.


“Mummy you are the prettiest”, and little girls want to do the same. Eyes sparkling, they dream of nail polish and lipstick. And we, the mums, we say yes if they are used innocently and in a spirit of fun.


Because our children’s skin deserves the best, our laboratories use quality ingredients and almost exclusively of natural origin. Safe and tested formulas for beautiful and healthy products, adapted to their taste and their skin above all.


A single ambition: fun! The aim is definitely not to transform our little girls into fashionistas. Rosajou is all about having fun. To have a laugh with friends, match your polish to your favourite sweet, give coloured kisses to your teddy bear. And observe mum to copy her when she applies her make-up…sssssh, it’s a secret!



The world of cosmetics has been their playground for many years. Delphine and Anne today turn their attention to the world of the little rascals. Together they create Rosajou, the major children make-up brand.


As a little girl I spent my time sorting my coloured pencils by colour. Growing up I collected advertising, posters, packaging…anything graphic. At college I discovered the designer Philippe Starck in a magazine at the orientation centre: I had found my path!
I have then examined various fields in applied arts in all the schools I had dreamed of.
That passion for colours, fabrics, materials has never left me. I added the pleasure of transgressing the technical limits and the happiness of working in a team. I met Delphine in a luxury cosmetics company. Five minutes together and ideas kept popping up. What happened next seemed logical to us!



Even when I was still in pigtails I was already passionate about perfumes and cosmetics. My first pocket money went straight to creams and lovely smellies. I was destined to work in that magic world I joined more than fifteen years ago. Trained by the big luxury brands, they taught me to be demanding and to take pride in good work. I now have two children and when I saw my daughter Camille dreaming of applying make-up, even when she was still very young, I had the idea for Rosajou. I have then decided to mobilise my competences and my laboratory network to create a real make-up brand to play with.





In 1965 grandmother Marisa founded the company Paio Crippa out with her creative spirit and passion. Starting out as a small workshop in Brianza, Paio Crippa has become a very highly respected brand of excellence in children’s clothing. The passion for style, the “100% made In Italy” label and keeping quality standards very high have enabled the brand to grow. Presence at international trade fairs like Comis and Pitti Bimbo have led to a national presence in the best shops throughout Italy.

Homemade Scottish tartans have become a specialty and bestseller p Paio Crippa since the 60’s. Dressing children in Scottish skirts and pinafores became extremely popular. The contrast and exclusivity of the home designed and produced tartans give the Paio Crippa Scottish collection their very own feel.

“Tartan has always animated our looms: the personality, color contrasts and exclusivity of the combinations in the fabric have made our tartans famous and unique.”