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Home Selling Party !

Are you bored of shopping in crowded shops, small fitting rooms, and impersonal way …? I feel the same, I do not like it neither and moreover, I often run out of time so it is not a pleasure.
That is the reason why I decided to launch with Eat Play Love ‘Home Party Selling’.

  •  What does it mean ‘Home Party Selling’?

Instead of going shopping, shopping is coming to you either because you choose to host a Home Party Selling at your house with your friends, family, colleagues … or either because you are attending a Home Party Selling in your friend’s place.


  •  What can you expect?

. Having a great time with friends … in a comfy place with drinks & nibbles,
. conjugate with a Fashion party 😊,
. being able to touch the fabrics and appreciate the quality of the products by seeing them physically,
. easily try the outfits to your little ones in a comfy place,
. finally shop for your children in a convivial way and have fun.


  • What does it mean if you decide to be Hostess?

 By being a hostess, you will be responsible to host the Home Party Selling at your home, also you will be in charge to invite friends, family, colleagues, mums from school to attend your event and prepare some drinks / nibbles.

I will be responsible to prepare the outfits from Eat Play Love to bring at your home according to the age group of your kids and kid’s friends. I will set everything at your place and then tidy up. I will be with you during the eventto introduce the collection to your guests and answer their questions and help them with the sizes ...

The event will last 2 to 3 hours.


  • What do I get to host the Home Selling Party?

Because it is a mutual time, to THANK YOU for being a hostess, you will receive a voucher or an outfit from Eat Play Love depending on your preference.


  • Ready to experience this new way of shopping and become a hostess?

Great! this is very simple! Either email me: info@eatplaylove.nl  or you can also call me 00 31 611297339 or fill the form below.

Form Becoming a Hostess !